If I have recognized something familiar in Mexican
culture, I owe it to three young women, Maria,
Enrichetta and Carmen who, together with other young
Mexicans, are part of the Realmuto Hospitality group.

"Every day at work their lunch break would be special: they stopped work,
prepared tacos as they would have at home, and then sat around a table, sharing
their home-made traditional food.

This rite was repeated every day and gave importance to the food prepared and
shared. The moment when they invited me to join them for lunch was indeed a special
one. I realized that through a shared lunch a dialogue had been started and the team
had become a small family, just as in my philosophy.

In this gesture of offering a plate of fresh tacos I found home, a moment of sharing.
Thanks to these generous people I really discovered Mexican food. I had tasted it many
times before but I had never truly understood it or felt it so deeply.

It is exactly this I have wanted to re-create with Puya: an authentic Mexican Taqueria.
Warm, tasty and as colorful as their tables. Fun-loving, dynamic, fast and good but,
above all, authentic. Puya is all of this: our Mexican home.”